Load PKCS #11 key using PuTTY-CAC Pageant from command line

This post assumes that you already installed PuTTY-CAC from https://github.com/NoMoreFood/putty-cac and you understand how to use PuTTY-CAC to load PKCS #11 certificates from the GUI:

But, given that I’ve been unable to find the documentation to perform this operation from the CLI I’ve checked the PuTTY-CAC source code and found that the correct command is the following one:

>pageant.exe PKCS:716B8B58D8F2C3A7F98F3F645161B1BF9818B689=C:/Windows/SysWOW64/opensc-pkcs11.dll


  • 716B8B58D8F2C3A7F98F3F645161B1BF9818B689 is the SHA-1 for the certificate itself in DER (binary) format.
  • C:/Windows/SysWOW64/opensc-pkcs11.dll is the PKCS #11 module path.

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